What I am watching!!

television9.pngAt the end of the night there is nothing more I love than to sit down and watch an hour of TV.  My kids are getting older so this time keeps getting pushed back and becoming shorter because #igotobedat10  .. don’t judge, I need my beauty sleep, and lots of it!!!  My hubby and I usually have a ‘show’ that we are watching, and we at the moment are watching this.. I know not very adventurous but whatever, it’s all good 😉

survivorDayna(my husband), would love to be on this show, we talk about how we would work as a team.. he could live in the jungle and be amazing at fires, and fishing, and making a place to sleep, and I could play the social part, because if you know us, you will know #daynaisnotsocial #Iamnotacamper, I love the blindsides, the challenges, and lets face it, who doesn’t love them some Jeff Probst!

Now, I also try and squeeze in a show of my own, I just finished this on Netflix


I love this show, well, I did but was this season way more scandalous?  I felt like they were trying to squeeze in so many ‘ hot topics’.  Date Rape, sexual preference, gangs, abortion, adoption, children with specials needs ( by the way, those episodes were so dear to my heart and I bawled A LOT!). I felt like they were trying to rush so many topics into each episode.  However, I love me some Emmitt and Travis.  Should Bay be with Emmitt or Travis?… I LOVE Emmitt but I think she is better off with Travis.  I am passionate about sign language, and I am fluent in British Sign Language.  We will hear more about that in the future!  So, I needed a new show now that the above has finished.  My friend told me about this show justin_this_is_us-e1463782789854


… and lets just say I’m Hooked.. everyday I think how quickly can I get housework and chores, and life done so I can sneak in an episode. IT’S THAT GOOD.

So that’s what I am watching, if you have a show that I need to watch, let me know!











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